Some comments from recent participants:

“I think the course has been exceptional – really well structured, skilled facilitation and overall an amazing introduction to mindfulness practice – Thank you Ruth”
Amanda, Social Worker

“It’s been a revelation! I have done some mindfulness in the past but being in a group and having a set time every week has been fantastic”
Sally, Mother

“It has met (even overreached) my expectations.  I leave with a ‘tool kit’ which should help me face the daily challenges of my (often anxious and stressed) life.”
Raul, Solicitor

“I am amazed by the subtle benefits I am feeling in only 8 weeks. This course has been the perfect introduction to what I hope is to be the new me.”
Milly, 39

“I thought it was excellent – really helpful, clearly taught, unjudgemental and generous”
Judith, 63

“Very good for relaxation / anti stress etc. A lot more to it than I originally thought and lots more important to everyday life”

“Thank you so much.  It has been one of the best things I have ever learnt”

“Loved it.  Really looked forward to 2 hours thinking of me and learning to train my mind that this is acceptable”
Kim, Photographer

“A wonderful course that has provided me with varied tools to enjoy each day and as required.  Ruth is a fabulous, non-judgemental facilitator”

“I liked the way there were constant reminders that you could ask for advice of support at any time.  I would recommend this course to friends.  Also – you are an excellent teacher!”
Heather, Teacher

“Really loved it. Good to have the 2 hours, the different seated and movement exercises, poems read out.  I liked the flow of it, shorter and long mindfulness exercises and the feedback, CDs etc”

“I thought it was great: very helpful for now and the future.  The practices have given me a practical tool to help me keep mindful.”

“Brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you!”

“Really useful – it’s definitely an incredibly useful tool to help manage anxiety and depression”

“I would never have managed to get started on Mindfulness without the course, and even more importantly, I now feel I will be able to continue practicing and weaving it into my life.”
Melanie, Counsellor

“The course was fantastic and I have learnt so much about my thought patterns and the way I am.  Ruth is a fantastic teacher – calm and positive.”
Helen, Singer

“My self awareness and ability to deal with everyday life without feeling overwhelmed and anxious has improved enormously.  Very illuminating course.”

“Ruth has a lovely calm manner.  A nice holistic approach brining in lots of different elements”
Susan, Support Worker

“Ruth’s classes provide a calming and peaceful space in which to learn and practice mindfulness.  The tools we were given to continue practice at home were really helpful and effective”
Sharon, Trainer & Coach

“It’s changed my life.  I’ve found working in a group very helpful as the other members have been open and honest.  I’ve realised my anxieties are normal.”

“The time out space has been invaluable and the practices learnt have been really helpful.”

“A thoroughly enjoyable course which helps you live and appreciate the ‘present’ and get the most out of life. I intend to incorporate the practices into my daily routines.”
Sharon, Student, 36

“I have learnt tools for managing anxiety and depression in an empowering and flexible way; enabling a sense of relief in crisis and development the rest of the time”

“This course has been a real eye opener.  It has helped me to get back in touch with myself.  Taught me to slow down when overwhelmed and address the issue.”

“The course has helped me to understand myself better and to forgive and value myself more.”
Rose, Administrator, 59

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