Support for Ongoing Mindfulness Practice

Support for Ongoing Mindfulness Practice

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Here are some short practices to support you with your ongoing mindfulness practice. They may be particularly useful for times when you are finding it difficult to find the time for longer practices.

10 Minute Top up – Brief ‘10 minute top up Practice’ for when time is short (see TED talk link below – 10 minutes makes a difference!)

For Turbulent Times – short practice to support you during difficult times

Befriending Practice – 15 minute practice aimed at supporting a befriending, compassionate approach towards ourselves and others.


Need some inspiration to practice? Maybe this 10 minute TED talk will help.

Need to refresh your practice? I can really recommend the free Insight Timer app. You can access thousands of meditation practices ranging from a couple of minutes to over an hour with lots of options for different teachers and different types of meditations including practices aimed to help you when feeling anxious, practices to support sleep, practices to support you with compassion and gratitude, and practices for children.


Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss the possibility of individual support.