When not to take a Mindfulness Course

When might it not be a good idea to take a Mindfulness Course?

A central aim of this approach is to learn how to be more fully aware and present in each moment of life. The good news is that this can make life more enjoyable, interesting, vivid and fulfilling.

However, this also means that with support, gentleness and compassion, you will be invited to acknowledge what is present even when it is unpleasant and difficult, and this can be challenging. For this reason, it is inadvisable to take this course right now if you are in a period of crisis or you have particular difficulties with addiction or severe mental health difficulties. Please get in contact if you are unsure about this.

Each class builds on skills, experiences and information from the previous class, and therefore in order to gain the most from the course it’s helpful to attend every class.  You will also get much more out of the course if you are able to make a reasonable attempt to complete the home practice which is approximately 30 minutes per day. If you know in advance that you may have to miss more than one class, or that completing the home practice is not going to be possible for you at the moment, then it may be better for you to take the course at a different time.  If you are on a course and are unable to attend a class, I would appreciate you contacting me beforehand to let me know and I will then send you some information about the class.

Participants learn a range of practices including seated, lying down and practices involving gentle movement.  All aspects of the course are invitational and practices can be adapted to account for any physical mobility difficulties.  All practices can be done seated on a chair.  Flexibility and the ability to sit cross-legged on the floor is definitely not a compulsory part of the course!